Warning: Subscribing to the Mack Methods network will lead to female stalkers and an increased amount of money spent on condoms.

Learn Why the "Bad Boys" Get the Hottest Girls and "Nice Guys" Get Left Jerking Off ... using Their Tears as Lube!

  • Learn about the “attraction triggers” that women can’t resist
  • Learn proven openers that work with a 90+ percent consistency rate
  • Learn how to avoid (and escape) the “friend zone”
  • Learn how to become confident and comfortable around hot women
  • Learn how to identify and pass the “tests” women give us
  • Learn how to effectively use “negs” to bring a woman’s guard down
  • Learn how to increase your perceived value

This is a completely free report and subscription based education network that’s dedicated to teaching the social skills needed to attract women and basically live life to the fullest.

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