If you want to meet as many women as possible, your environment needs to be conducive to that. In other words, you need to put yourself in situations where you’ll have the opportunity to initiate conversations with them.

If you spend 8 hours working on a construction site, then follow that up by going to a Jiu Jitsu class, which consists of about 95% guys at night, you won’t exactly be getting a lot of female interaction.

Nightclubs are an obvious choice, and they’re good for landing one night stands, but trust me, they’re not the idea spot for looking for Mrs. Right. There are much better options, and pointing them out is the purpose of this article..

10Dance Classes

Dance classes are an epic place to meet women for 3 reasons.

  • Women find a man who can dance incredibly attractive
  • Dance classes have a favourable girl to guy ratio
  • The physical contact can accelerate sexual tension and attraction

9Yoga Classes

Pick a spot at the back of the class for some nice scenery.

Yoga classes have an amazing girl to guy ratio (sometimes upwards of 10:1) and the girls tend to be fitter, more health conscious and more flexible. Translation = they’re a lot sexier than girls you’d typically meet at Walmart. Bonus = Fitted Yoga pants and “ass up” positions.

8Dating Sites

This is a no brainer. The girls who have taken the time to sign up for dating sites are actively looking for male companionship.

Social media has made it so easy to run game on girls where you otherwise wouldn’t be able too. When you’re on the bus, when you’re at home at your desk working.. basically any time you have some free time to kill, you can just log in and start setting up dates.

The best site for straight hook ups (one night stands), as we’ve revealed in our this one.

7Parks (Bring A Dog)

A cute pet is the ultimate form of chick bait. Hit the park, bring your pet, and just wait for the girls to flock over.

If you don’t have a pet, bring a book, sit in the park, read and when you see a cute girl, make your approach. If the girl has a pet of her own, you have a good reason to strike up a conversation without fear of rejection as you can simply ask her about her dog. Easy..

6Whole Foods (Health Food Stores in General)

Whole foods, and health food stores in general, are a great place to meet high quality women. Why? Because “you are what you eat”, and women who consume an abundance of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables tend to be more attractive than a typical girl at Walmart with a basket full of Diet Coke and Skittles.

People who eat healthy tend to be both more attractive and more successful, as nutrition plays a role in both your body composition and cognitive function.

5Clothing Stores

Girls LOVE to give their opinion on things, especially when it relates to fashion. Pick a store that has a lot of women (H&M for example), find a girl you want to get to know and ask her for an opinion on a shirt, pants etc.

9/10 times she’ll be excited to impart her fashion wisdom, at which point, steer the conversation wherever you want.

The risk of rejection for this type of approach is extremely low because the girl will very rarely view it as a pick up attempt and most people genuinely want to help people in need.


This is a no brainer for anyone who’s seen “Wedding Crashers”. Wedding are an epic place to meet women; assuming there are some attractive girls who got invited (I’ve been to some weddings where all the girls were pretty busted looking).

Single girls at wedding tend to be VERY open to the idea of meeting a guy. Their love radars are peaked, and the free flow of alcohol certainly makes the approaches easier.

To increase your chances of hooking up, try to put yourself in the spotlight by giving a brief speech or a toast for either the bridge or groom.

3Public Transportation

This applies more in big cities where public transit is a necessity due to traffic. If you’re living in the suburbs, and taking the bus because you can’t afford a car, this isn’t as effective (not to say you can’t pull it off as long as you’re confident though)..

Getting a conversation going in this scenario is quite easy as well. You can go direct, or if you want to reduce your risk of rejection (you shouldn’t care), you can just ask them which stop to get off to find (insert your destination here).

2Coffee Shops

Bring your Macbook and post up in a coffee shop for a while. If you’re doing some work online, you’re much better off doing it in an environment where you’re surrounded by hot girls instead of being alone in your house.

You’ll likely see attractive girls, and when you do, just strike up a conversation. If you need help with what to say in certain situations, make sure to sign up for our free “Alpha Mindset” course. You can do that here..

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1The Environment You Feel Most Comfortable In

In any environment where you’re comfortable and you’re an “alpha”, women will find you more attractive.

For example, there are plenty of girls that have crushes on their teachers. Why? Because they’re the alpha in that specific environment. Nurses having crushes on doctors is another example.

However, in a nightclub, who do you think will do better with girls? The club owner or a teacher? I worked as the head doorman in a nightclub for years and in that environment, because I had perceived authority, I got a lot of attention from girls.

So, identify an environment in which you’re most comfortable and excel in, and try to meet girls there.


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