Hey man..

I’m Jordan..

and I’m about to give you an epic, 3 step sequence, that you can use..to get a girl to like you..

But I have to warn you..

This isn’t your typical..

“Just be nice” type advice..

Because if you’ve tried that, you probably know it doesn’t work so well.

In fact, I’ve already made a video that explains why this DOESN’T work..

and why girls are so drawn to the “bad boy” types..

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Here are the 5 steps to get a girl to like you!

5You need to make sure that you’re on her radar..

You can’t attract her if you don’t have her attention..

Don’t just sit back, trying to play it cool..

You’re just gonna end up in the friend zone if you wait too long..

So, you need to let her know that you think she’s cute..sexy … whatever.. right from the start..

But at the same time… you don’t want to come on too strong..

Showing a girl that you’re REALLY into her.. before you KNOW that she’s attracted to you..

is a BIG mistake!

So, the solution to this is to..

4Use the pull/push technique..

No… don’t rough her up.. LOL

I don’t mean it like that..

What I mean is..

You need to be a challenge… and you need to be unpredictable..

You do NOT to be the guy who’s ALWAYS complementing her..

That’s too easy, and it’s just going to turn her off.. girls like a challenge, ya know?

When people feel like they’re being chased?

What do they do? They run, right?

Well, that’s the opposite of what you want!

So, here’s how to use the Pull/Push technique..

You give her a compliment, you know.. you show her some interest..

This is the “Pull” part of it..

And then to “Push” her away.. (again, metaphorically)..

You want to say or do something that downplays your compliment..

So for example.. you could say..

“You look really good today, and oh.. you got new shoes? Those are nice….did you get them at Walmart?”

Another example would be..

If she does something cute.. say to her..

That was so cute.. give me a hug..

Wait for her to give into your arms and when she does.. you could say..

“Ok, that’s enough.. you’re messing up my shirt”

And then playfully, push her away..

And that brings me to the 3rd way to get a girl to like you..

3Touch More

The longer you wait to break the touch barrier.. the more uncomfortable and awkward it gets..

Do you know why guys typically get friend zoned?

There are a couple reasons..

Well, reasons that are preventable anyway..

The first is because they take way too long to make their move..
And the second reason, is because they take too long to break the “touch” barrier..

Say for example you meet a girl at a nightclub..

You want to be touching almost right away..

If it’s loud, you can put your hand on her lower back as you’re talking to her because, there’s a good chance that you’ll be standing to her side, and you’ll be speaking into her ear..

Or.. even if you’re in a different environment..

It’s not that hard to touch her shoulder or arm as you’re making a point.

Just be subtle with it and confident..

If you have it in your head that it’s awkward.. she’s gonna sense that..

And she’s gonna feel that way too..

If you make it seem natural.. like that’s just how you communicate all the time..

She’s not gonna think twice about it..

I mean.. don’t be a creep..

If you sense at all that she’s uncomfortable.. back off..

But you’ll be able to tell.

Oh, and a really useful skill to learn..

Which will give you a reason to EASILY break the touch barrier..

Is Palm reading…

Whether you believe in that stuff or not.. it’s likely that the girl will wanna hear what you have to say..

Because everyone is interested in learning about themselves..

That’s why astrology is so popular!

Anyway.. number 4..

2Make Her Feel Secure

Girls are becoming more and more independent, but at the same time..

It’s still hardwired into their DNA to seek out a good leader, provider and protector.

The more you can demonstrate that you have these qualities..

The more likely it is that she’s going to be attracted to you.

There are a number of ways to do this..

You could show her..but that’s not always possible..

The opportunity to do that isn’t always there..

What you can do instead.. however.. is tell her!

Think of a few stories that you have, where you’ve fit into these roles..

For example, if you have a story where you defended a girl who was getting harassed by a group of overly-aggressive drunk guys..

Use that…

But that’s just one example. I’m sure you can think of something.

Number 5..


Ok, what this means is that..

If you want a girl to be attracted to you..

You need.. for her to believe.. that OTHER WOMEN are attracted to you as well.

There are so many ways you can get this message to her..

But the easiest is to tell her, but in a subtle way..

You can say something like..

“Damn, this girl.. she won’t leave me alone. We exchanged numbers.. we went on 1 date.. and now she’s texting me like 5 times a day, trying to see me again..”

“She was really good looking.. but there’s just no chemistry”

See what I mean?

If you do it right, it won’t even seem like you’re up to anything sneaky.

I have a good example of when I use pre-selection..

Ok, there’s this song.. by this R&B singer named Mya..

And it just so happens, that in one of her songs..she says something that sounds EXACTLY like my full name.. followed by “drives me wild”!..

Too perfect!..

So, sometimes.. I admit..

I MIGHT tell the girl that she’s actually singing about ME!

Then I get into a story about how I met her on some school trip to New York city.

You should see, the look in their eyes, when I’m telling the story..

I can SEE.. my status elevating.. because obviously Mya’s famous.. and quite attractive..

So them knowing.. that a girl like that was attracted to me.. is so good!

Now to be honest, I pretty much always tell them that I’m joking after..then have a laugh about it..

But when I ask them what they were thinking when they thought it was true.. I get some funny answers.

The last girl said that it made her feel like a “bug”.. as in… she couldn’t compete.

But anyway.. the point is… like I said..

You need, for the girl .. to believe that you’re a WANTED MAN so to speak.

So that about wraps it up, and I should mention..once again..

If you want to sign up for the 2 week course, that I made specifically..

To help guys… just like you.. improve your skills with women..

So getting a girlfriend seem easy..

Just go to MackMethods.com/Members..

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Anyway.. hope that helps and see you next time..

Take care!


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