One Trick For Getting Over Your Fear Of Rejection

If you’re reading this post.. you clearly understand how important it is to be confident!

I mean, it pretty much effects every aspect of your life!

From making friends, to getting promotions, to picking up girls..

If you’re not confident..

You’re not gonna get anywhere..

But.. you already know that.. obviously..

You’re here for a solution!

That’s why I put together this video series..

3 videos..

..and each one is gonna give you a really good tip on how to boost your confidence..

Especially for when you’re around girls..

Because.. if you ask girls.. what they look for in a guy..

They pretty much ALWAYS respond by saying they want someone who’s confident!

It’s the number 1 thing that they’re looking for!

Because when it comes down to it, what they innately want from you.. is a sense of security!

They’re looking for someone who can be a good leader, provider and protector.

Now, you’re level of confidence.. shows to the girl how much you believe in yourself.

If she senses insecurity from you.. which is basically a lack of confidence..

Do you think she’s going to feel secure WITH you?

No.. obviously not..

You’re done.. she’s gonna move onto the next guy.

In fact..

Confidence is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to picking up girls that I wrote an entire book on it..

If you want, you can check it out actually..

just go to

And actually.. while I’m on the topic..

I might as well mention that I made a course for you..

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Anyway.. back to the main topic..

If you want to boost your confidence when you’re around girls.. the first thing you need to do is..

Get Over Your Fear Of Rejection

how to get over rejection

If me and you were on a basketball court and I said..

“Hey.. I’ll give you 50 dollars.. right now.. if you can drain a shot from half court”

Now, it’s not a bet.. you don’t have to pay me anything if you miss..

You sink it.. you get 50 bucks..
You miss.. you’re in the exact same situation..
You haven’t lost anything..

Would you take the shot?

I’m gonna assume that you would.. because you have nothing to lose, right?

It’s the EXACT same thing when it come to hitting on girls!

The sooner you realize that.. the better you’re gonna get.

Forget trying to protect your ego..

It means nothing if you’re not getting what you want out of life!

It’s cliche.. but if you wanna score.. you need to shoot!

The most successful people throughout history..

..are the people who have failed over and over again.

They embrace it.. and I give a lot of examples of this in my book!

In fact, the more you fail, the more likely you are to succeed.

So here’s my challenge to you..

The next time you go out with your friends to try to pick up girls..

Each of you put up 10, 20, 50 dollars.. whatever you’re comfortable with..

And play a little rejection game..

Whoever gets rejected the MOST.. gets the money.

And don’t even try to be successful!

Focus completely on entertaining yourself and having fun..

Say the most ridiculous things to girls that you can possibly think of..

Don’t be rude or anything..

Treat everyone with respect, obviously..

Just act like you don’t care at all.

I think you’re gonna be really surprised at what happens..

You’re gonna realize that rejection is NOT a big deal..

It doesn’t hurt.. nothing changes in your life…

You don’t lose anything..


You might even get the girl regardless..

You’d be surprised at how little WHAT YOU SAY actually matters..

What matters a lot more is HOW YOU SAY IT!

For example… if you go up to a girl and say something stupid like “

If you say it with confidence, and a smile on your face… and it might actually work!

And.. if you don’t get the girl.. who cares.. that’s not the goal to begin with..

Get rejected, win the bet and get the money..

You benefit either way..

So, that’s the first step

In the next video, I’m gonna talk about the connection between your beliefs and your body language..

..and how you can “hack” that to appear more confident.

So, be on the lookout for that..

You might even see it in the sidebar.. depending on when you’re watching this..

And like I said.. if you’re really struggling with your confidence..

You can click here to check out my book on how to boost your confidence..

And you can sign up for my FREE course at below..

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  1. Honestly, I’m not that kind of guy who, goes straight in for the prize, I’m more of personality guy, instead of a guy who gets noticed and gets looked at by everyone I prefer to let the person know me better, most people would say I’m trying too hard by saying that. It’s a win win, I get rejected I have a good friend if they like me but not in a ? way, if they say yes then, BOOM, they’ll be done I seconds, JK lol (sorry xD)


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