I’ve had 3 serious girlfriends in my life.

The first one, I was with for 2 years..

Thought we were gonna get married.. (this when I thought marriage was something I actually wanted)

But.. things didn’t really work out the way I was expecting.

I was deeply in love with this girl, but she ended up breaking up with me to date someone else..

Turns out this other guy was much older than me at the time.. and he was REALLY rich..

I know that because I found out that he had a BMW, a hummer and some software company.

That shit.. was devastating.

It took me over 2 years to get over that.

The next relationship I got into…. that lasted about 8 months.

That girl was amazing.

Such a nice person..hot Asian girl (they’re all Asians.. it’s kind of my thing)…

She treated me well.. she bought me stuff..

She was amazing in bed..

But I actually ended THAT relationship.

Not because the girl did anything wrong..

But.. I was still really sad and hung up on the girl that left me before.

Just felt it wasn’t fair of me to use this new girl as a rebound because she was getting so invested emotionally..

Most recently..

I was with a Thai girl for 5 years..

.. and the reason why that relationship ended is because she decided to tell me.. that after HALF A DECADE of dating.. that she doesn’t wanna have kids!

Would have been nice to know that before!.. but whatever..

Oh, and.. don’t get me wrong here..

I haven’t just been with 3 girls in my life…

But these are the 3 that I was in LEGIT.. kind of long term relationships with.

The reason I’m telling you this, I because I want you to know that.. breakups happen man..

And the way you’re feeling right now, is something that most guys go through..

Usually more than once..

Out of those 3 breakups… the one that hurt the most was the first one..

I remember that being all I could think about..

I had this “empty” feeling inside..

Like… I was incomplete..

Because we had future plans together..

So when that ended, I just kind of felt “lost”..

What was so hard about that one..

Was that…

There was a feeling of rejection that came along with it..

The other 2..

Meh.. While I was sad… especially with the last one..

I didn’t have that same feeling of rejection.

It hurts to lose someone you love.. But when someone you love rejects you.. that hurts even more!

So anyway..

I don’t know what you’re particular situation is..

But if you’re watching this video, I’m assuming that you’re going through a rough time.. And that you recently broke up with your girlfriend.

If you did, this video is gonna help you move on..

Now, you might NOT want to move on..

You might want to get her back.

Now, if that’s the situation you’re in..

I’ll suggest a couple things..

1) I have a free course where I basically teach guys..

  • how to approach girls..
  • how to attract them
  • what to say
  • how to boost your confidence..
  • how to get a girls number

You know..that kind of thing…. you can sign up for it below..

In that course, I’m going to be adding a lesson on how to get your girl back..

But, I haven’t done it yet..

So, if you’re in a rush, which you probably are..

I’d suggest you hit up Breakups2Makeups.com, because there’s a good program on there.

That one isn’t free, but it works for a lot of guys.. and money might not be an issue right now..

So, check that out..

Now.. if you don’t want her back.. and you just want to ease your pain and move on..

Here Are 3 Things That You Can Do..


1Focus on Yourself..

Don’t think about the girl..

Your priority right now, should be on your own self development..

Here’s what I mean by that..

Go get a hair cut..

Go buy some new clothes..

Go hit the gym

Start eating healthy if you’re not already..

Read more books..

Work on side projects that will make you more money..

The goal here is to fully distract yourself with things that are positive…

Things that will increase your value when you do get back in the dating scene.

Don’t feel bad because you’re single.. don’t feel pressure to move on right away..

Embrace it as time for yourself!

2If you have the means to do it.. go on a vacation!

Viva Colombia!.. What’s your ex-girlfriends name again?

Where you live now, you’re probably getting constantly reminded of your ex girlfriend..

You need to get away from that..

And ideally, you’d want to go somewhere that has nice weather and a beach..

Getting some sun and being by the ocean really helps with depression..

I’m not talking about some couples resort..

That’s just gonna make it worse!

I’m not talking about a resort at all..where all you do is eat buffet and lie around.


You need to go somewhere where you can interact with the local people..

And by that I mean girls..

And as for locations..

I would suggest South America, or Southeast Asia..

So, for example.. Brazil, Colombia.. Thailand, Philippines..

Places that are beautiful.. inexpensive.. and full of hot girls..

Hot girls that are drawn to you, just because you have that “exotic factor”..

I can tell you this..

If you’re from some small town, where you blend in with everybody else..

And you go to Thailand for example..

You’re not gonna wanna come back!

Because you’ll get a lot of attention..

And.. you’re not gonna be thinking about your ex!

And like I said, I realize this might not be able to do this…

You need to work, you need to save money.. you don’t have the time..

That’s fine.. it’s just a strong recommendation IF you can pull it off!

And if you can’t…

3You need to slowly get back into dating..

But ONLY after you’ve taken some time for yourself..

Start putting up some dating profiles ..

At this point.. your girl has probably moved on..

Actually, girls always seem to move on so fast..

So if you don’t want to see pictures of her and her new guy..

Make sure you unfollow her on Facebook and all social media..

That’s very important.

The reason why I say to start out with online dating..

.. is because it’s easy…

I think, under normal circumstances, rejection is a good thing…

But.. when you’re trying to rebuild your confidence after a break up..

Getting blown out is probably counter-productive..

So, start small..

Get some good conversations going with girls online first..

That’ll be enough to help keep your mind off your ex..

Then, when you’re ready.. you can start with the real life approaches..

And, I can help you with that stuff too..

I do have a FREE course set up..

Which, again… you can sign up for below..

Lots of great information in there.. it lasts about 2 weeks..

And most guys come out of that with a lot more confidence..

And a better understanding about how to attract women..

So, hit that up..

And, I hope you found this helpful..

I know its hard to go through this.. but you’ll fine..

It might seem like the end of the world now..

But you’re gonna look back on this, one day.. when you’re with your dream girl..

And you’re gonna be so glad that things didn’t work out with THIS girl!..

Like everyone says.. these things happen for a reason..


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