Wouldn’t it be nice if there were ways to tell if a girl was interested before you made your move?

Well, there are.. and that’s what this lesson is about.

You’re gonna learn 10 Ways To Tell If A Girl Likes You

But first, I wanna say that.. you don’t need to wait for one of these signs.

Just make a move regardless…

Man up.. and get over that fear of rejection!

Because if you approach a girl, with a lot of confidence, there’s a good chance that she’s gonna be interested in you.. even if she didn’t notice you before.

So, that being said.. let get into this!

These are ways that you can tell if a girl likes you..

1She Smiles A Lot

This seems general, I know..

She could just be a really positive person, who’s always in a good mood..

But there are certain types of smiles that you want to look out for here.

The first is.. if she’s smiling a lot when she’s having a conversation with you.

If she’s into you, you get the feeling that no matter what you say (even if you’re not funny), she’s gonna still have that smile.. and she seems to be laughing at everything..

That’s a huge sign.. that just being around you makes her feel very happy.

Another huge sign, and this is typical of shy girls (that like you), is that they’ll smile and LOOK DOWN when you’re talking to them.

This is interesting..

When a girl looks up, it usually means that she’s trying to visualize something…

And when she looks down, it can mean that she has an emotional attachment to whatever she’s thinking about.

So when you’re talking to a girl and she looks down and smiles, it could a sign that she has feelings for you.. or she’s at least attracted to you.

Look for the smiles and watch where her eyes drift.

2She Has “Open”, Relaxed Body Language

If she’s turning away from you, folding her arms, looking tense.. this is not a good sign.

On the flip-side of that..

If she faces you, meaning her feet, head and torso are all pointed in your direction..

If she looks relaxed..

If she crosses her legs while she’s standing up (which makes her vulnerable)..

Or if she’s sitting down and points her crossed legs towards you..

You’re in.. there’s a pretty good chance she likes you!

And speaking of body language, another sign that a girl likes you is if..

3She Touches Her Hair

But this could go either way.

If she has that closed off body language that I just talked about, and she’s twirling her hair.. it could just be that she’s bored, man..

It would be equivalent of her playing with her phone.. not a good sign..


If the conversation is going well and she does it, or..

If you notice her playing with her hair (or constantly fixing it) when you’re around her.. that could be a pretty good sign, that basically means that she either has some nervous energy, because she’s trying so hard to make a good impression..or that she’s trying to look her best for you.

4You Catch Her Staring At You

This is just something we all know..

If it’s a nightclub, for example.. and a girl locks eyes with you as you pass by.. you know what to do.. TALK TO HER, DUMMY!

If you’re in different environment..

A less “sexually charged” environment.. like work, or school.

You might look up and catch her staring..and then notice that she looks away quickly.. as if she knows she got caught and she’s embarrassed..

This is a huge sign, that she likes you.

Another Sign.. is if.

5She Remembers Details About You

She’s thinking about you, bro..

This only applies to girls that you know, obviously..

Let’s say you’re a hockey player, and during one of your conversations..

You mention that you have a game on the weekend.

If on Monday, she asks how the game went..

Well, there you go! She remembered the details of your personal life.

It might not seem like a big deal..

But you gotta realize, that most people are selfish and don’t pay much attention to anyone outside of their inner circle.

If she’s remembering specific details about YOUR life, it means that you matter to her.

6She Brings You Into Her “Inner Circle”

Now, speaking of her inner circle..

If she starts introducing you to people, like her family, her friends..

.. and you’re getting some of these other signs as well..

I mean, it should be obvious buddy.. make your move!

If you don’t, at this point.. you’re gonna get “friend zoned” so hard, you’re never getting out!

7She’ll Test You

Girls have so many options, so they use tests to weed out the chumps

If a girl’s interested, she might do little things to see if you’re a pushover, and if you have a “backbone”.. so to speak.

Basically, she’ll be looking to see if you’re confident..

A lot of girls get hit on so often, that they need some sort filtration process to weed out the chumps that aren’t worth their time.

I put together an entire lesson on how to identify, and handle, these tests..

So I won’t go into too much detail here..

The lesson is part of the course I made for you guys..

That teaches guys how to approach girls, how to attract them.. what to say, what to do, what to look for..

The list goes on.. and best of all, it’s FREE!..

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And if you’re watching this video from the Mack Methods website, just have a look around.. you’ll definitely be able to find a sign up form on there somewhere..

So, moving on..

8She’s Responsive To You

Meaning.. you text her.. you get a response..

You call her, she wants to talk..

Pretty obvious..

But it seems like a lot of guys, will just keep texting, and calling..

At this point, you seem needy, which is BIGGEST turn off for a girl, and she’s probably just laughing at you.

So if this sounds like you.. lose the scarcity mindset, work on becoming confident, focus on self improvement and start meeting new girls..

Like I said, my course will help you do that..

So sign up if you haven’t already..


9You Notice her Licking or Biting her Lips when you’re Around

If this applies to you..

You must really have it going on, because when girls do that..

It’s an indication of desire!

They want you..

You’re in, bro.. make your move.. and don’t mess it up..

And last but not least..

10She’s Made Some Sort of Future Plan with You

If she invites you to go “camping”.. GO!

So say, for example, she sends you a trailer for a movie that’s coming out next month.. and tells you she wants to see it..

She’s kind of implying that she wants to watch it with YOU.. and she might even say that..

If she does this sort of thing.. it means one of two things..

1) She likes you.. romantically..
2) She likes you.. as a friend!

If it’s number 2, man.. you’ve missed chances and made mistakes that you probably don’t even realize.

That’s ok though..

I’ll show you how to avoid and escape that friend zone thing in the course I made for you..

You can sign up below..

Anyway, that about wraps it up..

Those are 10 signs, that you can look for, to tell if a girl likes you..


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