Tinder is amazing… for some guys..

For others? It kind of sucks..

I mean, if you’re meeting girls.. it’s great!

but it’s not so fun when you don’t get any matches, right?

More of a tease than anything in that case..

Well, if that’s your situation.. hopefully I can help you change that!

I have a friend, who absolutely KILLS it on Tinder..

.. and I’m pretty sure I know why!

His profile is set up in a way, that just invites girls to message him..

What he’s done, is really.. really smart.

He turned his sequence of pictures.. into a guessing game for the girls..

Here’s what he did..

He has about 7 pictures uploaded to his profile..

.. and each one was taken in a different country.

His profile says that, and he challenges the girls to guess which country each photo was taken in..

On top of that.. the pictures that he uses are very strategic..

Check this one.. which is usually his profile..


He’s in India.. playing with some kids in a slum that he went to volunteer at..

So, right away..

Girls are gonna take notice, and the first impression.. that he gives off here..

..is that he has a good heart.

Thaaat’s a pretty good start.

It’s a much better approach than using some picture of yourself flexing in your bathroom mirror..

In the next picture, he’s petting a Giraffe..


It’s unusual.. catches the eye.. shows that he has a fondness for animals..

And again, it helps him stand out.. from all the other guys, that have boring pictures..

Now, this guy does throw a shirtless pic into the mix..

But he does it in a way that’s subtle..

He’s not flexing in front of a mirror.. snapping a selfie with his phone..

He’s done it in a way that looks natural…


He’s just having a good time, at the beach, on vacation..

And here’s another beach pic…


This one.. I think he’s trying to make it look like he’s deep in thought or something haha

But hey.. whatever works, right?

Like he’s all philosophical..

And here’s another.. natural looking shot..


Got the man of mystery thing going on here.. but he’s dressed up..

Shows a professional side.. He’s a diplomat by the way..

He has a few more that are taken in exotic locations, with nice backgrounds..

No point to show you them all, but this gives you an idea about the KIND of pictures you should be using..

So, like I said.. in his write up.. he tells the girls that if they can guess which country each picture was taken in.. that they “win”..

He gets a lot of girls playing his little game, then asking him what they “win” for guessing it right..

At which point he’ll tell them “a glass of wine”, or something like that.

Anything to get them over.

There’s one kind of picture that he didn’t add.. that he SHOULD ADD..

And that’s one to shows girls that he’s been pre-selected..

And, the way to do that.. is to show yourself with OTHER attractive girls.

So this could be a picture of himself, surrounded by a 3-4 female friends.. laughing it up, having a good time..

Or, in your case, if you have a picture of yourself with an ex girlfriend.. crop her out of the picture, but leave just enough so that the girls looking at it can tell what you did..

You know.. leave her hand or her hair… resting on your shoulder.. something like that.

Anyway, what I want you you take away from this is that you should use your pictures to spark attraction ..

WITHOUT looking like you’re trying to do that.

It needs to be subtle..

So, like I said.. no shirtless bathroom pics!

And also, you want to make it as easy as possible for the girl to start a conversation with you..

Pretty much every first message that my friend gets.. is about the little challenge..

So.. the girls will just send him their guesses.. you know, about the countries.. then ask if they got them right..

But, I mean.. your write up can be anything.. just give them a challenge, ask them a question.. give them a reason to message you.. make it easy for them.

so anyway.. Hope that helps..

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Anyway.. see you over there..

Take care!..


  1. My biggest challenge has been understanding the Tinder algorithm. I will swipe right on a bunch of girls and still not get a match. I found out from research that Tinder’s algorithm punishes people for certain activity like swiping right on everyone but I’ve stopped that and still only got two matches. The crazy thing is that when the system does show my profile to girls I match with attractive and real females not robots. I know it’s not my pictures because of that. Can you please help me solve this problem? I’m using Android version 4.4.2 and I have the latest Tinder version which is 5.4.1.


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