If you came across this article, I’m assuming you’re one of the nice guys, right?

You tired of seeing the girls you want get scooped up by guys that treat them like shit?

Yeah, me too man.. I was there before..

I even had this girl that I wanted so bad..

She was this hot Asian girl with big titties..

Complain to me all the time about how badly her boyfriend treated her..

I, on the other hand, treated her like a princess!..

But you know where she was every night?

Not with me..

She was off with that guy, that she was always complaining about.. probably getting banged!

So.. the question here is…

Why did I get completely overlooked, while her “asshole” boyfriend.. got all the Goodies?

Now.. I understand it..

.. and that’s why I’m writing this article!

To help YOU understand it too!

So, here are 3 reasons why bad boys get laid, and nice guys get played..

3Girls Mistake Kindness for Weakness

It’s a first date buddy, relax..

The problem that most “nice guys” have… is that they’re OVERLY accommodating to the girl.

She’ll say jump.. they’ll say “how high” kinda thing..

This.. DOES NOT work!

You need to show a girl that you have a backbone..

It’s cool if you’re nice..be the nice guy.. you can’t be a pushover.

Because girls instinctively gravitate towards strong guys..

Not necessarily physical strength.. although they like that too obviously..

hit the gym, if you’re not already

But I’m talking about having a strong mind and being a good leader..

And that brings me to the second point..

2Bad Boys Take the Lead

She has no idea what to expect on a date.. and that excites her.

When it comes to relationships..

Men have been in that “leadership” role for thousands and thousands of years..

At this point, it’s hardwired in a woman’s DNA to seek out a good leader, provider and protector.

When you’re indecisive..

When you let the girl pick everything that you two are gonna do together..

When you agree with everything that she says..

You’re not being nice.. you’re being a PUSSY!

You’re not LEADING.. you’re not acting like a man!

And you need to change that!

And going back to agreeing with everything that a girl says or wants to do..

It’s just.. needy!

The girl will get the vibe that you’re trying too hard to please her..

And from that, she might think that you don’t have a LOT of options!

Not good!..

You absolutely need the girl to believe that other women are attracted to you..

And that you can have those girls whenever you want!

This concept is called pre-selection, and it’s one of the biggest attraction triggers there is.

1The “Bad Boy” Types Are Unpredictable..

This isn’t to say that all nice guys are predictable..

But one thing, that the “bad boys” tend to have going for them is that..

Since they tend to take strong leadership role..

The girl tends to be.. along for the ride!


if you’re the nice guy, you let her lead the relationship and you agree to everything she wants to do..

She’s just gonna get bored.. you’re not bringing anything new into her life.

It’s much more exciting for them to have no idea, what to expect when a guy picks them up for a date.

So, those are 3 reasons why girls tend to be attracted to the bad boy types..

They don’t actually want to get treated badly.. nobody does, that’s stupid!

But they do want a guy who’s strong; meaning he’s not a pushover..

And they want a guy unpredictable and a good leader.

And of course, they want a guy.. who they believe.. has options..

So like I said.. you can be nice.. treat them well..

But try to demonstrate some of these other characteristics.

I know that’s probably easier said than done..

I know, like I said.. I used to be in your exact situation..

So, I went ahead and I put together a course you..

It’s basically a series of lessons are designed to walk you through the process of first meeting girls..

To attracting them and ultimately forming relationships.

It’s FREE.. for at least a little while..

Just click the button below, and you’ll be directed to a page where you can sign up for the course..

So, that about wraps it up..

I hope you found this useful..


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    Damnit….I gotta get my eldest Son to login,listen, and apply information or I will never have any grandchildren from him. He is intelligent, great twisted humour, makes good $, I mean he got all the good traits from me..Dont speak some hate about that, I spent a lot of time talking straight with him, 22yrs old and no girlfriend. He is not gay, he’s terrified of girls cause his mom is the Devil. Hope this helps him, otherwise gonna take him to vegas for a hott hoe$$$..

  2. Sir Thomas Danielle

    Comment I left can be edited if needed, the boy needs this for true!!


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