I think it goes without saying that having a lean, athletic looking physique will increase your chances of attracting women.

It’s not EVERYTHING, but it certainly helps, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Even beyond the benefits of attracting more women, controlling your body fat levels is very important for maintaining optimal health.

So, here are 6 ways you can speed up the process of leaning up and eventually obtaining visible abs – which women clearly love!

5High Intensity Interval Training

The proven, most effective way to train in order to rev your metabolic rate and shed body fat is something called “high intensity interval training”, or HIIT for short.

High intensity interval training involves pairing intense workloads with a short rest interval. The best way to do this is by performing consecutive “compound” (multi joint, multi muscle) exercises.

This will enable you to derive cardiovascular benefits in addition to strength benefits from the resistance training.

If for example you superset between a set of squats and pull ups, the your heart rate will have to increase in order to deliver enough blood to the working muscles (from the legs to the back).

Another example of high intensity interval training would be performing sprints, again, with a limited rest interval between bouts. This doesn’t require any specific resistance training, but your work-rate is intense enough in this situation to deliver much of the same benefits.

The reason why this type of training is so efficient, aside from the prolonged boost to your metabolic rate that it delivers, is due to the hormonal changes these workouts induce.

This type of training will trigger a surge in both growth hormone and testosterone; both of which enhance fat burning.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, I would recommend looking into this program.

The entire premise of the program is based around HIIT training and there are all sorts of awesome workouts in there that you can follow from home.

4Low Carb, High Fat, Moderate Protein Diet

Coconuts and Avocados; There two once feared foods are actually very healthy..

The narrative that the mainstream media likes to push is that a “calorie is a calorie”, and that it’s alright to eat everything from Jelly Beans to Oreos, as long as you monitor the calorie count (this is the entire marketing angle behind those “100 calorie packs” on the shelves).

Unfortunately (and obviously), this message isn’t true and it’s pushed onto us by the agriculture and processed food industry that has a huge financial interest in us consuming an abundance of corn, grains and boxed food products.

I find it ironic that the government recommended diet consists of a similar macronutrient breakdown that is used by farmers to fatten up their livestock, don’t you?

The studies, for the most part, are consistent in showing that low carbohydrate diets provide fat loss benefits beyond that of simply restricting calories.

Does this mean that you should restrict carbohydrates down to nothing? Absolutely not. There are plenty of extremely heathy foods that happen to be high in carbohydrate and you would be missing out by completely cutting them out of your diet.

I suggest consuming primarily fat and protein throughout the first part of the day and consuming carbohydrates in the evening (ideally following a workout). As for how much, it seems like approximately 100 grams per day is a sweet spot for a lot of people.

Consuming carbohydrates in the evening will also help to lower your cortisol levels, while will allowing for the release of melatonin (sleep hormone), while topping up your liver glycogen.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means some carbohydrates in the evening can potentially enhance your sleep quality.

Protein has a high “TEF” (thermal effect of food), which means that it requires more energy to digest than both carbs and dietary fat.

Protein also has muscle building and preservation effects; which is obviously important when you’re cutting calories because you absolutely do not want to lose more muscle than necessary.

Increasing your fat intake will help keep you satiated throughout the day and will prevent the rises and crashes in blood sugar that tend to invoke cravings. It may even improve your cognitive function (thought process) as well.

3Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting stems from the belief that our ancestors didn’t have constant access to food and presumably went long periods in a “fasted” state.

Assuming this was the case for most of human evolution, then it stands to reason that going extended periods without food may actually be healthy. It would be what our genome has adapted too after all.

The research on intermittent fasting thus far has been very promising, both for body composition and longevity.

A main concern most guys have with this dieting style relates to the belief that they will lose muscle mass and enter “starvation mode” if they don’t eat every 3 hours. This is unproven nonsense, so don’t worry about that.

There are various models of intermittent fasting, but the protocol I find to be the most comfortable is implementing an 8 hour eating window following a 16 hour (overnight) fast.

Another popular, and effective intermittent fasting protocol is outlined in the popular eBook called “Eat Stop Eat”. I’d certainly recommend it if you wanted to learn more as there is some interesting research in there.

2Fasted Cardio

Performing a workout in a fasted state is a shortcut that enables your body to mobilize the fat (triglycerides) from the fat cells and utilize it for energy a lot quicker than you otherwise would.

When you see people in the gym sipping a gatorade while on the treadmill, what they’re actually doing is imparting their body’s ability to mobilize fat. Why would it? It can just utilize the sugar that’s circulating in the blood stream.

The sugar in the gatorade also increases levels of a hormone called insulin, and when insulin and blood sugar levels are elevated, that stored fat isn’t going to get utilized.

This is a main reason why it’s so hard for diabetics to lose body fat.

A high intensity interval training workout in the morning in a fasted state before you eat breakfast is one of the best fat burning “hacks” that I know of.

And speaking of breakfast..

1Low Carb Breakfast

If you’re trying to lose body fat, go into your kitchen cabinet right now, grab all the cereal boxes and throw them in the garbage.

Aside from waking up hungover next to a 250 pound feminist with pit hair and bad breath, consuming sugar-laden cereal for breakfast is one of the worst ways to start the day.

As I just mentioned above, as soon as you consume refined sugars, or a high amount of carbohydrates in general, you make it very hard to mobilize stored body fat for energy.

After 8 hours or so (however long you sleep for), it’s easy to prolong the duration in which you’re functioning without dietary carbohydrate by simply having some eggs for breakfast instead of a bowl of Wheaties.

Spiking your blood sugar levels in the morning also sets you up for cravings throughout the day, which can easily lead to weight gain due to the consumption of more total calories.

Some exceptions to this would be if you were doing intermittent fasting and your first meal (“break fast”) was pushed back to later in the day, and if you performed a fasted workout beforehand.

In the case, some carbohydrate will help to restore cortisol levels down to baseline and replenish muscle glycogen for your next training session.


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