Body Language Tip #1: Don’t be a “Pecker”


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I’ll start this off by saying that your body language and how you carry yourself is EXTREMELY important when it comes to attracting women. Most communication is non-verbal and oftentimes, a woman will decide whether or not she’s attracted to you before you even say a word (this happens on a subconscious level).

Because of that, it’s important that you educate yourself on body language and believe me, I have a lot of lessons lined up for you guys on that. The first lesson I want to give you deals with something called “pecking”, which is most often seen in a nightclub environment.

Obviously, when you’re in a club, there’s usually loud music – which makes it hard to hear the girl you’re talking too. Most guys (the inexperienced ones) will lean in to hear what the girl has to say. This is called “pecking”.

What that indicates is that you REALLY want to hear what the girl has to say. That’s fine and all, but keep in mind that when you’re in the nightclub, other women are taking notice. You need to be conscious of how you’re projecting yourself to the other females in the vicinity because believe me when I tell you this; pre-selection is the biggest attraction trigger their is.

By showing that you’re “pre-selected” by other women; meaning that other women are under the impression that you’re a “wanted man” so to speak, you’ll have a much easier time with them because that’s one of the things they’re programmed to be attracted too (yes, all women).

When you’re seen leaning forward and hanging on the girls every word, from an outsiders prospective, it looks like she’s the high value/high status one and you’re working hard for her attention. You want to flip this and there’s an easy way to do it.

Instead of learning towards her, learn straight forward and point to your ear (indicating that it’s hard to hear) and she will respond to this by learning into YOU so you can hear. Now, from an outsiders prospective, it looks like you’re the one with the high value/high status and she’s the one pursuing you.

Another example of altering your body language for the sake of attracting onlookers is to alter your position when you’re talking to a girl. For example, picture these two scenarios..

1) The girl has her back up against the wall and you’re boxing her in.
2) You have your back against the wall and the girl is facing you

From an onlookers prospective, option 2 is obviously the better position for you to be in because it makes it look like you’re the one getting hit on – essentially indicating that you’re pre-selected and of high value.

So there you go guys, a couple quick body language tips for you to enhance your social value to the onlooking women in the club. I’ll be getting into a lot more detail on this stuff in upcoming lessons. If you want to learn more about this pre-selection / body language stuff and don’t want to wait.. I’m telling you guys, hit up the program on because as I keep saying, it’s insanely good!

In my next lesson though, I’ll be teaching you guys an epic opening line that I’ve used dozens of times with success. Actually, it’s my “go to” opening line and I can’t believe I’m going to give it away. I’d never give it away if I was still single haha