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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!
    I’ve been stuck in the friend zone before and these tips will definitely help in the future.
    Makes a lot of sense actually, especially the part about escalating with physical touch.
    Such a simple concept really.

  2. I read that program you linked too about a month ago.. fucking amazing!

  3. Mark,

    Good luck getting out of the friend zone man .. I hope you can bang your shopping buddy lol


    Yeah, it’s the best “system” out right now for sure. Believe me, I wouldn’t have linked you guys to it if it was whack haha

  4. I don’t understand something. If the girl doesn’t know for sure that you are attracted to her, and when you meet you just treat her as any of your friends, doesn’t she thinks that you are just want to be her friend? She is not going to put any effort because she thinks that you just want a new friend.
    Or my logic is bad?

  5. Hey there Jordan thanks for helping us out and sharing your knowledge with us.
    is there a way to contact you directly, like an email address or something?
    All the best

  6. Peter,

    That’s right. If you just treat her like a friend for long enough and don’t physically escalate with her, she will end up viewing you as JUST a friend – which is most likely NOT what you want.
    If you find her attractive, it’s important not to allow yourself to fall into the friend zone.
    The friend zone is where guys get classified who were to wimpy to make a move haha

  7. You mentioned not touching enough can land you a one way ticket to the friend zone. Well, how do I touch a stranger without it seeming weird?

  8. To make physical contact with a stranger less weird is to smile and keep talking like it really isn’t a big deal but keep making physical contact so she knows your attracted to her, I’m not a pro yet so just giving advice hope that helped.

  9. Claudel McCauley

    Thanks mann for this one… pretty nice I must say. keep up the good work…

  10. Thank you Jordan for making this valuable info available to many who don’t know how to get woman to like you back! For years every girl I’ve met I screwed and I didn’t know why. I thought the key was to just be myself (at least that’s what everyone told me ) or being nice. Once again thank you! I hope I can become a pro like you

  11. Screwed up*

    Makes a big difference to the comment!


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