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  1. Hi,
    Thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge.
    I am infatuated with the girl at the gym, she works behind the desk. Obviously there is ALOT of competition and her guard must be up constantly. How do i make her mine? I see her 4-5times per week.

  2. Hey Jerome,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I have my family visiting me here in Thailand so I’ve been touring around with them all week and showing them the sights.

    Considering your situation, I need a bit more info..

    What’s your relationship with this girl at the moment?
    Have you spoken to her at all yet?

    Considering the environment, you’re right .. she probably gets a lot of male attention but there are some positives here.

    For starters, opening will be EASY because she’s there to service the members of the gym (meaning .. you).

    The type of opener you should use here will be an INDIRECT one. You don’t want to come on too strong at the start here because she will have her guard up considering it’s her place of work and like you said, she likely gets hit on a lot given the amount of testosterone in there.

    As for which type of indirect opener to go with, I’d suggest using an “opinion based opener” (which is discussed above).

    Now, be observant … the fact that she’s working in a gym shows that she’s likely passionate and knowledgeable about fitness & nutrition.

    This is how I would get my foot in the door ..

    1) Go to and read some articles. Get a good understanding of a certain topic (GMO’s, Aspartame etc).. I’ll use Aspartame as an example..

    2) Get one of your buddies to help you out and drink a diet coke as he’s leaving the gym.

    3) Get a little conversation going and invite her into it.. call her over and ask her opinion on whether or not Aspartame is healthy or not. Tell her to tell him that’s its terrible and he shouldn’t be drinking it. If she’s at all educated, she’ll take your side on the matter so you’ll immediately establish rapport.

    I suggest you research whatever you choose to ask her opinion on. There are some interesting facts about Aspartame that most people aren’t aware of (it’s actually the fecal matter of e-coli bacteria).

    If you’re able to teach her something (that she’s interested in) during your first encounter, that’s a huge bonus as it will enable you to demonstrate high value.

    Once the conversation is rolling, use a good transition to change the topic and carry on the conversation. Be sure to get her name and introduce yourself to finish it off (I would introduce myself on a roll off). Meaning, do it as the conversation draws to a close and you’re about to walk away.. as if it was NOT the point of initiating the conversation to begin with.

    When you officially introduce yourself, be aware of your body language, hold eye contact and be confident as fuck haha

    From that point on, your foot is in the door. You’ll be seeing her 4-5 times per week after that so you’ll have plenty of opportunities from that point.

    Be sure to go to the gym with some attractive female friends so she will see that you’re pre-selected (this is huge).

    Anyway man, I’ll be covering a lot more of this stuff in upcoming lessons.

    Good luck,


  3. i saw these 2 cute girls sitting on a bench at my Uni we exchanged names and than i went direct and invited them to play Pool at that moment and she offer her number to play later . so i call her later and leave a voice msg .No ans .. What went wrong?

  4. Can this be usedin a university setting

  5. Hey whats up i meet this girl on facebook and i started talking to her at first for like 2 weeks then i asked her for her cellphone number because supossedly i was going to give her a hat lol and she gave me her number like on a monday and later on wednesday i talked to her on the phone and we were talking like if we’ve been friends for long so i invited her to mert at some place on saturday and she said she couldnt cause she was going to hang out with some male friends so i said what about friday and she said she couldnt either what am i doing wrong or what should i say next time? P.S. I havent seen her in person i’ve only talked to her thru facebook and on the phone

  6. Hey,
    So I went to a party with this girl I’ve known for about 1-2 months now and she was sticking to me the whole night. I felt good about that because I like her more than just a random attractive girls i see her as maybe girlfriend potential. I feel like maybe the mistake I made was not being physical enough although I have touched her before (on the arms and sometimes she puts her legs on or behind me), but I have yet to kiss her let alone get her in the sack. I feel like she knows I am into her and I’ve told her before I think she’s good looking but when we were going back to her apartment she ended up dropping me home (I live in a dorm freshman in college) and I told her I waanted to go back to her apartment but she said she was just going to go to bed so I got out of the car and went back, completely frustrated.. Is she trying to friend zone me?

  7. Hi,
    lately ive been using a strategy i saw on some youtube vdeos which is approaching a girl by telling her that she looks amazing. Well this has been working pretty good on day game but some times they get nervous and everything gets uncomfortable……should i continue with this ???

  8. Hello,
    Just wondering if you could spend a little time to give me some tips. Alright, I have a mind blowing crush on this one girl at my school. I have never talked to her so I don’t even know her name (I know I know, I’m lame). She is definitely one of the most attractive girls in the school and every time she is in the dining hall, she is constantly surrounded by her girl friends. How can I approach her? I’m not the typical guy (not strong, no good looks, not looking to hook up…). I’m just trying to meet her as a “friend” and see what happens from there. I’m looking for long time relationship and not one night stand. See, I’m really scared to talk to girls that I don’t know and she is always with 3-6 girl friends (which is super intimidating ya know?). So I was just wondering, what would be the best way to try to talk to her? (not in a sexual/let me bang you, sort of way?)

  9. Thanks you for information it really helped. What’s your advise on picking up girls while working at a grocery store. I currently am working at a grocery store and a ton of cute girls walk in all the time. What opener would be good for this situation?

  10. Hey man,
    Thanks for the article it’s great. It would be great if you could help me out with something, I’ve got this girl living at my house, we’ve been good friends for a couple years and it was never sexual, we’d basically friendzoned each other, now she’s living with me suddenly we’ve become ‘fuck buddies’. It’s kind of romantic, we cuddle and shit afterwards. Here’s the thing though, I have feelings for her and I want it to be a relationship. She’s given me no reason to think she doesn’t like me too but she’s playing hard to get, any suggestions?

    Cheers bro!

  11. Hey,
    Im 13 turning 14 in a few months and I don’t think any of these methods work for me. Are there any alternatives? Plus, There is this girl that is good friends with my sister and she goes to a different middle school, I have known her for 3-4 years, I have asked her out and she said “Yes”. I found out that she was tag teaming on another guy and I am thinking about going for another shot, any tips? I see her every so often as I have never had a Girlfriend before.

  12. For many men myself included day approaches are intimidating and the don’t bother me vibe most USA women have doesn’t help. When your intuition is tells you not to approach it’s often right but sometimes I give it try anyway. Often I get from women is what I call the “Don’t even bother me head turn.” When you in the mail and your walking on the right towards a women on the left then you briefly lock eyes quickly she turns her head facing slightly left away from away from you.
    At this point don’t even bother I tried a few times and failed every attempt.
    Some ways to overcome shyness are: Go to a Kiosk with an attractive sales women and talk about what she is selling try and keep the conversation going. If she talks about herself or asks about you and not what she’s selling she might have an interest in you but she might be trying to sell also.
    The point is to get comfortable talking to women while making your mistakes.

  13. See I don’t have a problem talking to girls or on the phone. It’s that stupid texting game that makes me mad lol. If it wasn’t for that texting shit man life would be easier lol.

  14. Haha.. there’s a course out specifically for that actually.. so I guess it’s a problem a lot of guys have.

    >> Text Game Course

    I didn’t write that or anything but I’ve heard good feedback on it.
    Might be something you’ll find helpful for your situation.

  15. Benjamin Hunter

    How about for church girls or Christian women? A lot of Christian women are on guard more so than ones that aren’t so devout. How would I approach them?


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