The life experience you get from traveling is extremely valuable, and not just from a personal/spiritual development standpoint either.

A well traveled man is typically viewed as being cultured, and more attractive to girls. Girls want a guy who’s EXPERIENCED, and traveling, as I just mentioned, gives you major points in that department.

In this article, I’ll go over a couple different travel strategies..

Travel Strategy 1: The Turn and Burn

Head to a big city or party destination where there will be a lot of girls..
Head to a big city or party destination where there will be a lot of girls..

The first way to travel on your self development journey is to grab a wingman, book a flight.. and hit up a nearby party destination.

Depending on where you are in the world, this could be Vegas, Miami, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Cabo etc.

The goal here is basically to put yourself in environments where there are lots of women. It’s ideal if the women are also on a vacation and in “party mode”.

There’s an epic clip from “Entourage” where Johnny Drama rips into “Turtle” for bragging about the girls he hooked up in Mexico..

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click the play button for a soundbite..

Keep in mind though, that putting yourself in environments where there are a lot of women doesn’t guarantee that you’re gonna hook up.

Your “game” still has to be tight.

You need to how to initiate a conversation, escalate things physically in a way that doesn’t make you seem “creepy”, and ultimately.. make them feel comfortable around you.

Once you establish comfort and a rapport, you can work on seducing them…

If you don’t understand how to do this, then you should subscribe to the FREE course we offer here at Mack Methods.

It will walk you through these stages, and teach you all sorts of tricks you can use to get the girls you want. Sign up below..

If you’re game isn’t tight, then you’ll just be wasting money flights and a hotel room that only your friend will see when it pops in to have a beer before you head out to the club..

There’s a lot of competition on these this party spots, so that’s another reason why your game needs to be as tight as possible to compete with the other guys.

Drinks tend to be overpriced in these party spots so be aware that there will be lots of girls who will just try to use you for free drinks. Don’t fall into that trap. Buying drinks for girls in clubs is sucker-shit anyway.

To maintain your health and sanity, make sure you incorporate some positivity into your trip as well. Things like lifting, reading, meditation etc..

Whatever it is that you regularity do for self improvement back home, continue to do those things even while you’re on one of these mini-vacations.

The benefits of taking these getaways? There are a few…


In a place like New York, there’s a scene for everyone and the selection of girls is seemingly unlimited. Tall girls, short girls, skinny girls, fat girls, Asian girls, Latin girls – take your pick!

If however, you live in the American Midwest, this is the time to test your game on someone besides your basic blond cheerleader type.


You can do stuff you could never, or don’t have the balls to do back home. You can make a total ass out of yourself and it won’t matter because no one knows you.

So, go ahead, approach the hottest girl in the club even if she throws a drink in your face it doesn’t matter and, it makes a good story to tell your buddies back home.


Travel and shared experiences bring people closer. You’ll become closer with your friend/wingman, and the dynamic you’re able to bring to future “winging” endeavours will be a lot more effective.

In other words, you’ll work as a team more effectively and you’ll both get a lot more girls because of it.


Hot girls are a dime a dozen in Vegas.. Actually, they’re gold-diggers.. but you know what I mean..

Of course, this only applies when you actually MAKE MOVES and approach as many women as you can. You can technically do this anywhere, but being in popular tourist destination (or any major city) makes it a bit easier not to care so much about fucking up your approach.

If you do, you can just move onto the next girl. There’s no shortage and if you say something stupid, you’ll never see the girl again anyway – which brings me to my next point..

Travel Strategy 2: The Path to Enlightenment

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone and traveling the world by yourself can be intimidating, but it's well worth it..
Putting yourself out of your comfort zone and traveling the world by yourself can be intimidating, but it’s well worth it..

The second way to travel is go on long term, solo adventures. The key here is to put yourself out of your comfort zone.

Integrate into you new environments. Live with the locals and experience new languages and cultures.

It’s important to have a main purpose during these extended stays as well. For example, take up a martial art, get involved with outdoor sports, volunteer and contribute to a cause you feel strongly about.

You need a passion is what I’m trying to say.

While this is true for everyone, regardless of where you are, it’s particularly important when you’re so far from home and away from your friends and family.
It’s important from a self-development standpoint as well, which is the purpose of these trips.

Long term (solo) travel will help you develop all-around as a human being, but to relate it to improving your game and enhancing your “sexual marketplace value”, here are a few specific benefits..


Women love a good story and if you spend a chunk of your life traveling to distant lands, you’ll have some decent ones to tell. Very few things are more captivating than a good storyteller.

You can blow her away on your first date with that story about the time you climbed a mountain to reach a temple in Tibet. This kind of shit is what they call “chick crack”

7Become A Leader

Traveling alone forces you to make decisions. Nobody else is there to guide you. You gain a real sense of independence when you’re at the other end of the world by yourself.

Why is this so beneficial? Because girls are naturally attracted to quick decision makers and leaders. If she sees that you’re a leader of OTHER MEN, that’s a huge plus as well – and you can work examples of that into the stores you tell to drive that point home.

6Thinking On Your Feet

When you’re in a place where you don’t speak the language and you don’t know your way around, you have to have to think on your feet.
You have to make decisions that are dictated by your environment and as I mentioned above, girls like a man who is decisive. It’s a strong leadership quality.

5Put Yourself First (In A Good Way)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning how to focus on yourself..

Most Western men are people pleasers.

We want to please our parents..

We want to please our girlfriends..

We don’t want to “step on any toes” so to speak, because we prefer to avoid conflict.

Fuck that, if you want to make it traveling abroad, you have to learn how to make decisions based on what’s best for YOU.

This trip is all about yourself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be an asshole. It just means that have to stand up for yourself and “stick to your guns”.

For example, when people find out that you’re about to set off on an adventure of a lifetime, some of them may try to talk you out of it and hold you back. Ignore them..

They’re probably suggesting you stay based on their own selfish reasons. They want you around for their own benefit or they’re unhappy with their lives and seeing the people around them do great things amplifies that unhappiness.

Extended solo trips teach you to put yourself first (in a lot of situations). Have you noticed that the “bad boys” tend to get the hottest chicks? Well, one of the characteristics that women find irresistible about those “bad boy” types is that they tend to be self-absorbed. Not saying it’s a good thing, but it’s the reality.


Travel abroad and you’ll make friends with likeminded people from all over the world…

Making connections is important, not only for meeting women but for getting ahead in life in general.

The bigger your social circle is, the more social proof you have. Social proof is massively important when it comes to getting approval from others and convincing them of your self-worth.

Social proof also ties into pre-selection, and pre-selection is the absolute number 1 attraction trigger you can display to a woman.

Don’t know what pre-selection is? Click on the image and watch the video to the very end..

There's a little known fact about female goldfish that can actually help you get laid. It relates to pre-selection.. click the image to watch a crazy video about it!..
There’s a little known fact about female goldfish that can actually help you get laid. It relates to pre-selection.. click the image to watch a crazy video about it!..

The narrator epically explains pre-selection as it relates to a goldfish…
Oh, and in case you were wondering, that course is legit. I’d suggest getting it if you wanted to invest in yourself..

3A New Beginning

You won’t have any of the negativity, or distractions you had at home. I have had friends who have been able to make amazing changes like getting sober after years of alcoholism because of travel.

I myself have kicked some bad habits and build some positive ones. A “reset” can work wonders!


Funny how even the poverty stricken girls in Cambodia smile more often than the gold-diggers with 1000 dollar handbags in the Western world.

When you’re traveling by yourself, your perspective will inevitably change.
Things that seemed like the end of the world before, will seem insignificant.
Stressed about approaching a girl? You’ll probably find it easier after you’ve almost died rock climbing in Puerto Rico.

Upset that you can’t afford a new Tesla type S? You won’t give a fuck after you’ve seen the poverty in countries like Cambodia and the Philippines.

More importantly though, when you see the smiles on the faces of the poor people in those countries, you’ll come to realize that all that materialistic shit doesn’t matter at all.

You’ll probably even look down on girls that spend 1000 dollars on designer purses. I know I do!

As a side effect of that, you’ll have higher standards for the girls you date, and you’ll seek a deeper connections with higher quality people.

1You’ll Become More Outgoing

The number 1 benefit to prolonged vacations (by yourself) is that it will force you to become more outgoing. You’ll have to come out of your “shell” and talk to people.

You’ll meet friends from all over the world, and once you get used to striking up conversations with random people, the benefits of that carry over into several different aspects of your life – one of which happens to be your love life.


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