treated like a king
The dynamic of male/female relationships has been changing in a lot of Western societies. The traditional, gender-specific roles don’t always apply anymore and without getting into the details of why this is a good thing, or a bad thing, I’ll just show you a few alternative options.

If you want a girl that will cater to you, there are plenty of countries where feminism hasn’t gained much momentum and the women don’t view being subservient to their man as a bad thing.

When was the last time your girl cooked you a nice meal, cleaned the house/apartment and gave you an hour long foot massage?

Sounds unheard of, right? Well, this still exists, but you either have to look very hard in the West to find it or you need to book yourself a flight and head elsewhere..

As for where to go?..

These 5 countries would be a good place to start..


Colombian girls are known for their beauty and curves. In Colombia, there is a lot of societal pressure on women to maintain a very high standard in regards to their physical appearance and the popularity of “enhancement” surgery is a spinoff of that.

Colombia, as a country, offers nice weather and a much more affordable cost of living compared to the US, Canada or the UK.


Brazil, like Colombia, is also known for beautiful, curvaceous women. The recurring theme here is that aside from an abundance of hot women, who are very open to the idea of dating foreigners, these countries all have nice weather and an affordable cost of living.. and Brazil is no exception to that.


The Philippines has nice weather, beautiful beaches and of course, an abundance of sexy girls who speak English! The cost of living is low as well and a major plus for me personally is the popularity of both boxing and basketball.


Thailand is my favourite country in the world. The weather is nice, the surroundings are beautiful and there’s really something for everyone. Great food, beaches, mountains, low cost of living and of most interest to the readers of this article, an abundance of beautiful women who are open to the idea of meeting foreigners.

1Saudi Arabia

…only because they have too.
Not recommended as a party destination haha

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